SkipSations! to jump in Macy’s Parade

Chapel Hill freshmen Chloe Grill, Megan Miller and Julia Sonis will jump rope in the upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

Grill, Miller and Sonis, along with Carrboro freshman Sarah Seagroves and Cedar Ridge senior Cinthia Praiswater, will join 200 other athletes from around the country to perform their three-and-a-half mile routine, which includes synchronized crosses, turns, double unders and other jump rope combinations.

“The selection of our five representatives was based on quickness of learning the required Macy’s Parade routine and precise performance of the [moves],” SkipSations! coach Lucy Schimmelfing said. Additionally, athletes had to jump a mile around a track to show their endurance.

Grill, Miller, Praiswater, Seagroves and Sonis practice five times a week-—three times with the SkipSations! team for two hours and twice in preparation for the parade.

Although nervous about the weather and the length of the performance, they are eagerly anticipating the crowd. 

“I’m most excited about getting to experience what it’s like to look out at everyone who came to watch the parade,” Miller said.

Sonis and Grill agreed, adding that they look forward to hearing the crowd’s support. Miller has been jumping for nine years, Sonis for seven and Grill for six.

Recently they jumped at the Get Heeled 5K run to raise money for pediatric cancer research and at Tiger Chill, the Chapel Hill school-wide fundraiser. 

Sonis said they have also competed in the Amateur Athletic Union Junior Olympics and the World Jump Rope competitions, and performed in multiple halftime shows for UNC Basketball. 

“Being able to go to New York and do [the parade] with [Sonis and Miller] will be amazing,” Grill said.

“There are also 200 other jumpers that I don’t know from all over the country and it will be really cool to get to know them.” Miller said her favorite thing about jump rope is meeting new people from all over the world and “all having something [in common] that we love to do.” 

Coach Schimmelfing has previously had one of her own athletes jump rope in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but this will be the first time with five representatives.

“Megan Miller, Chloe Grill and Julia Sonis have fabulously positive attitudes, a willingness to help others achieve and celebrate those successes ... [and] are committed to working hard for the success of their groups and individually,” Schimmelfing said.

The 87th annual parade will take place in New York City on the morning of November 28.

By Nina Hoffmeyer

PressSharon Reaves