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The SkipSations Jump Rope team is a not for profit competitive and performance jump rope team based in Chapel Hill, NC.

Founded in 1999, The SkipSations quickly gained national and international recognition in the jump rope world. We are members of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Over the past 20 years, our team has been highly successful at national and international tournaments with many of our jumpers returning home with awards, but we are most proud that six of our jumpers have won the AAU's Prestigious Joel Ferrell award for sportsmanship, and leadership within the sport. 

In addition to competitions, we have performed in a wide arena of community events within NC. You may have seen members of our team perform at such events as UNC Men's and Women's Basketball games, or in your child's classroom for Heart Health events. We have 19 junior jumpers ranging in age from 6-13. In addition to competition and performance, the SkipSations are also committed to teaching the sport of jumprope. We offer classes and camps throughout the year designed to teach young people to basics of our sport. Service to the community, and continued good sportsmanship are two of our highest goals.


Our Board

President:  Stephanie Palmer

Treasurer:  Heidi Cook

Secretary:  Meg Dye

Lucy Schimmelfing/Alex Gizzi
Assistant Coach:
Zac Tomlinson